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4 Best HostGator Alternatives

by | Sep 29, 2023

You’re using HostGator now, but you’re not happy with its services, right? If that’s the case, you might want to find out more about HostGator alternatives.

The good news is that today there are lots of solid hosting companies to choose from. As long as you know how much you want to spend and what features are most important to you, you’re ready to choose a new host.

In this blog, we’ll talk about why you might want to find an alternative to HostGator.

Then, we’ll talk about the top four alternatives.

Why you might want to find alternatives to HostGator

Before we talk about some of the best alternatives to HostGator, let’s talk about why you might not like HostGator.

You should know that HostGator is not a bad web host. It’s so popular that it hosts over 2.5 million websites right now:

It offers both cheap hosting plans and expensive “pro” hosting plans. It has all the standard safety features, plus a free domain name and more. As a result, for some customers, it’s the best hosting service available.

HostGator Alternatives, hosthator
Source: Hostgator.com

HostGator is a popular option, it’s possible that it isn’t the best fit for your website for a few reasons. HostGator, for instance, does not fare well in speed tests conducted in India and Australia, where your online business may be based.

Although HostGator provides WordPress hosting, it lacks WooCommerce-specific plans that could prove instrumental in simplifying the administration of your online store.

Top 4 HostGator Alternatives

Let’s investigate four alternatives to HostGator. We’ll go over the major benefits, costs, and more.

A2 Hosting

Furthermore, its superior performance can be seen when compared to that of HostGator. LiteSpeed Web Server is a key component of our Turbo plans, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

a2hosting, a2 hosting vs siteground
Source: A2Hosting.com

Furthermore, A2Hosting offers many additional features that are not available from every web host. For instance, on the managed WordPress hosting plans, you get a Jetpack License and all WordPress plans include staging sites and fast NVMe storage.

You will also receive pre configured web caching, object caching with Redis, and more. You can see that speed is A2 Hosting’s main selling point. Because of this, it’s a viable alternative if you’re dissatisfied with HostGator’s page loads.

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Best Features

  • Provides WordPress hosting on both shared and managed servers.
  • Admin panel in cPanel
  • Unlimited bandwidth across all plans
  • LiteSpeed is used on the “Turbo” servers, which also include improvements like NVMe storage.
  • Data centers in the US, Asia, and Europe.
  • Includes free SSL certificates, spam protection, DDoS defense, dual firewalls, and more!
  • Automatic daily backups (except for the cheapest plan)
  • Staging and cloned sites
  • 24/7 Help is available

Loading times

Miami, USA: 0.52s ⭐

Sydney: 2.0s

London: 1.65s

Mumbai: 3.5s

Oregon, USA: 0.594s ⭐

Toronto: 0.39s ⭐


Regular shared WordPress hosting on A2 Hosting begins at just $2.99 per month during the current promotion.

a2hosting; a2hosting plans; a2 hosting pricing
Source: A2Hosting.com/web-hosting/

Managed WordPress hosting plans start at a promotional $11.99 per month for more features and higher performance.


If you’re looking for an alternative to HostGator, DreamHost is a great option to consider. WordPress.org endorses them, much like SiteGround.

dreamhost, dreampress
Source: DreamHost.com

DreamHost is great because it provides five distinct WordPress-only pricing tiers. You can pick from a wide variety of hosting options, including shared, managed, VPS, dedicated, and even WooCommerce hosting.

As a result, DreamHost is flexible enough to meet the needs of virtually any customer. DreamHost has hosting plans that are suitable for both individual blogs and business websites.

Best Features

  • Custom hosting panel
  • Caching on the server side
  • Website staging (available in DreamPress plans).
  • Include free SSL
  • Daily website backup
  • Domain privacy for free. Like Namecheap
  • The premium version of Jetpack is included in DreamPress
  • Ticket and chat support available at all times

Loading times

Miami, USA: 0.542s ⭐

Sydney: 2.95s

London: 1.65s

Mumbai: 4.53s

Oregon, USA: 0.86s ⭐

Toronto: 0.53s ⭐


dreamhost, dreamhost pricing
Source: DreamHost.com/hosting/shared/

Plans for DreamPress managed WordPress hosting begin at $16.95 per month, while shared WordPress hosting plans start at just $2.59 per month on DreamHost.


If you prefer a more hands-off approach to managing your WordPress site, Flywheel is a great HostGator alternative. Due in large part to its built-in caching and CDN system, it is able to provide exceptionally fast load times for users across the globe.

flywheel, getflywheel, fly wheel
Source: Getflywheel.com

Flywheel, like the other options here, is a high-quality web host that provides all the basics, including a content delivery network (CDN), secure socket layer (SSL) certificates, free site migration services, and round-the-clock customer support. In addition, it has a staging area, an SSH entry point, and “auto-healing technology” to fix any problems that may arise with the service.

Furthermore, Flywheel is a great HostGator alternative because it focuses on the needs of creative businesses and entrepreneurs.

Best Features

  • Custom hosting panel
  • Built-in CDN with caching by Fastly and FlyCache
  • Simple, on-demand automatic daily backups
  • Free SSL certificates, firewalls, and malware scanning
  • Staging WordPress sites
  • Free Genesis Framework & child themes
  • Free website migrations via Blogvault
  • Billing transfer and other useful features for agencies/freelancers building client sites
  • 24/7 Live chat support

Loading times

Miami, USA: 0.351s ⭐

Sydney: 1.63s

London: 0.639s ⭐

Mumbai: 2.214s

Oregon, USA: 0.425s ⭐

Toronto: 0.658s ⭐


flywheel, get flywheel
Source: Getflywheel.com/pricing

Flywheel’s managed WordPress plans start at $13 per month when billed annually. The cheapest WooCommerce plan costs $75 per month. Flywheel stands out with a 60-day money back guarantee.


Finally, let’s check out what kind of Hostinger hosting is available. With consistent high speeds in all regions, this is also a good alternative to HostGator for international sites.

Source: Hostinger.com

This is likely due to the fact that all Hostinger WordPress hosting plans are built with speed in mind. Isolated hosting, a caching plugin, and all-SSD storage contribute to their system’s reliability.

Additionally, Hostinger includes a number of high-quality security features such as a DDoS shield, malware protection, daily backups, and more. There are also multiple pricing tiers available, and it comes with cutting-edge developer tools for WordPress businesses.

Best Features

  • Built-in caching
  • Include free SSL
  • Analytics and customized updates
  • Malware scanning as well as protection against DDoS attacks
  • Traffic and bandwidth are unlimited
  • Support is available 24/7 by phone, live chat, and email

Loading times

Miami, USA: 0.65s ⭐

Sydney: 1.9s

London: 0.42s ⭐

Mumbai: 1.25s

Oregon, USA: 0.52s ⭐

Toronto: 0.67s ⭐


hostinger. hostinger pricing
Source: Hostinger.com/web-hosting

Pricing for the Hostinger single plan begins at just $2.99 per month. After the first year, however, the price increases to $5.99 per month. The Premium plan begins at $3.50 per month and goes up to $12 per month.

In Conclusion

If you’re having trouble with HostGator, it might be time to start looking elsewhere. So, you have no idea where to begin your search for a new service provider?

That’s because it can be difficult to find a web host that is suitable for your specific requirements. If you already know your price range and the most important features you need, though, it’s a breeze.

DreamHost is a great alternative to HostGator because of its 99.9% uptime guarantee. Alternatively, Flywheel is a viable choice for complex websites.


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