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Themesroad has been assisting users in setting up, personalizing, and routinely maintaining WordPress websites since 2023.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, you’ve probably considered the following:


  • Where can I get the most helpful, low-effort WordPress resources?
  • There are so many options available that it might be overwhelming to choose one. The official plugin catalog, for example, lists over 65,000 different plugins.
  • Which resources have shown to be trustworthy?

Note: There are a few affiliate connections among the links going to these sites. If you decide to buy one of these themes, Themesroad will get a commission (at no extra cost to you). These funds are used to keep the site running so that we may continue to provide you cutting-edge resources for personal development.

However, we don’t promote anything in exchange for their commissions. When relevant free materials become available, we will notify you. Themesroad wants to provide you top priority.

Themesroad’s favorite WordPress resources

Best Hosting for your Website: It’s DreamHost

Except for the cost of hosting, using WordPress to create a website is often at no cost. This is the firm to choose with if you want your concrete tours website up and running all the time.

A web host must also provide optimal functionality, maximum safety, and round-the-clock assistance.

There are several web hosts, and Themesroad is familiar with them all. We are based in the US, therefore we went with a US hosting company. However, if we were to start from scratch and aim for an international audience, we would most certainly go with DreamHost.

They’re not only high-quality, but also quite affordable.

So, you may rest assured in their reliability and sign up for their hosting service. Professionals will be handling your website.

Making stunning pages with Elementor

If you need to create custom pages for your website, Elementor is the best option. With this page builder, you can make complex web sites without ever touching the code.

Landing pages, a WordPress tutorial, and presentation sites for Themesroad’s training courses (in Bengali) are just some of the various sorts of pages that have been built with Elementor over the course of several months.

The free version of Elementor is a great place to begin. However, if you upgrade to the pro edition of Elementor, you’ll have access to many more features (including the ability to create pop-ups and design a complete website).

If you need help getting started with Elementor, go no further than Themesroad’s comprehensive guide.

Website Speed With: WP Rocket

Google uses a website’s page load speed as a ranking signal in its search engine results. The aforementioned Bluehost server already provides excellent performance, but the WP Rocket cache plugin enables much greater performance.

In truth, your website’s speed may suffer from a combination of your theme and the number of plugins you have activated.

Without getting too technical, know that WP Rocket will reduce the file sizes of all your site’s resources, speeding up page loads.

Our comprehensive analysis is available if you need more information.

How to Pick a WordPress theme

For your website’s content to look nice and function properly, you’ll need to use a WordPress theme.

They’re readily available on Themesroad, but before you pick one, consider the following. Also read: Free WordPress Themes


  • Astra: The most downloaded free theme for WordPress. It’s highly flexible, but you’ll need to build it up from scratch. Click here to read the whole critique.
  • ElegantThemes: There are two themes to choose from in this shop, and one of them is the wildly popular Divi (which has sold over 900,000 units). If you use this link (please notice that the discount is only good for the next 24 hours), you may save 10% on their developer deal.
  • ThemeForest: The greatest marketplace for themes in the world. Don’t let the pretty packaging of the demos fool you; this place has everything you could ever want. Weigh the pros and cons, and pick a theme that doesn’t rely on the WPBakery page builder.

If you want a free theme to get started with, you may search through the options on Themesroad or in the official WordPress directory.

Add Plugins on your Website

A plugin can extend the capabilities of your WordPress site without requiring any changes to the core code.

The official WordPress directory currently lists 65,000. Here are just a handful to get you started (you’ll meet many more in the many parts of this site):


  • Elementor: With over 10 million active installs, Elementor is by far the most popular page builder right now. It’s essential for creating complex pages and escaping the confines of your theme using it. Elementor.com
  • WP Rocket: In terms of available caching plugins, WP Rocket is the strongest option. Once active, the premium plugin for Wp Rocket will simply speed up the loading times of your websites. Wp-rocket.me
  • Loco Translate: Worse than that would be finding stuff on our website written in the wrong language. Using this plugin, you can effortlessly convert everything back into the language of your choice for visitors. Loco Translate
  • Akismet: With over 5 million active installs, Akismet is one of the most popular plugins. This filtering plugin is available for no cost and is pre-installed on all new installations of WordPress. Akismet.com
  • SeedProd: On occasion, you may need to disable access to your website in order to do maintenance or develop it in secret before releasing it to the public. SeedProd gives you the freedom to create any page layout you can imagine, from maintenance pages to coming soon sites.
  • Duplicator: Need to move a website from one host to another (say, from your desktop to the cloud) but don’t want to edit the code? With Duplicator’s help, you may make changes to a copy of a website without impacting the original. Duplicator.com

Optimize the ranking of a WordPress website.

Increasing your website’s exposure on Google and other search engines is likely a top priority. Optimization for search engines (SEO) is the method that will unlock the door to success. Don’t you think it’s a shame if people can’t locate your website?

  • Yoast SEO: Optimize your site’s search engine rankings with the help of this popular plugin, which has been downloaded over 5 million times. Here at Themesroad, we rely extensively on this tool, therefore we wrote a full guide on getting it up and running. Yoast.com
  • Redirection: If you make changes or remove content, it’s crucial to set up a redirection immediately so that users don’t end up on an error page. This can only be done with the help of the Redirection plugin. Find out how to put this plugin to good use in the following tutorial. Redirection
  • MonsterInsights: By integrating Google Analytics with WordPress, you can keep tabs on your site’s traffic and gain valuable insights. After that, you may adjust your SEO strategy as required.MonsterInsights.com

Your interest in SEO training is well-founded. The following articles provide more background on the subject.

Best WordPress projects need the best webhost!

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