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By: Redwan Hussain

Updated on: 07 September 2023 | ★★★★★

It might be difficult to find your way through the web hosting landscape. There is no shortage of hosting providers, making it challenging to identify those deserving of your business before parting with any cash. In this SiteGround review for WordPress, we’ll see how the service measures up against the competition.

Is it necessary to justify writing a SiteGround review? For one thing, it’s been voted as one of the best hosting options by our users and is one of the few firms openly recommended on In light of its widespread acclaim, further investigation is warranted.

In this blog, we’re going to look at SiteGround:

Once you’re finished reading, you’ll have enough information to judge if it’s the best WordPress website hosting business for you.

SiteGround review

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SiteGround includes many WordPress-centric features, such as:

  • One click WordPress installation
  • Free website migration
  • Automatic WordPress updater
  • SuperCacher
  • SImple WordPress staging

It’s important to remember that not every user gets access to all of SiteGround’s services; some are only unlocked by upgrading to more expensive plans.

Support options

The availability of customer service is a crucial factor to consider when selecting a web host. No matter the time of day or night, you need prompt assistance if your website isn’t working properly.

When it comes to customer service, SiteGround provides:

  • Live chat, tickets, and phone assistance available 24/7
  • An in-depth repository of information
  • Customers can learn more about the product’s capabilities through previously recorded webinars.
  • Improve SiteGround usage with tutorials.

For this WordPress SiteGround review, we checked out their live chat feature. The crew there is incredibly responsive and well-versed in both their hosting service and WordPress in general.

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We quizzed them on a variety of topics, such as the specifics of SiteGround’s hosting infrastructure and the inner workings of its WordPress-centric extras. Our questions were answered quickly and thoroughly:

Users that participated in a survey on WordPress hosting services likewise attested to this high standard of assistance. We also looked through their knowledge library, webinars, and tutorials, and found them to be really helpful.


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SiteGround Performance

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Hosting providers for websites employ a variety of interconnected technologies and geographically dispersed server locations to achieve maximum performance. In this SiteGround review for WordPress, we’ll go deeper into the technology options for their hosting packages.

  • SSD: This storage media, often known as a “Solid State Drive,” is noticeably quicker than a Hard Disk Drive (HDD). SiteGround equips each of its servers with this hardware and makes it available to its clients.
  • NGINX: Designed to compete with the Apache web server, but with the potential to be faster due to its more minimalist structure.
  • SuperCacher: A feature unique to SiteGround, WordPress is accelerated by three tiers of caching.
  • CDN: The performance of a website can be improved by using a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which is a collection of servers that sends pages to visitors based on where they are located. CloudFlare is SiteGround’s preferred content delivery network.
  • HTTP/2: This new version of the HTTP protocol represents a significant upgrade to the speed at which websites load.
  • PHP7: If you want to use the latest, fastest version of PHP, you can do it through SiteGround’s cPanel.

Finally, SiteGround has data centers in every major region of the world. Exact locations include London, Amsterdam, Chicago, and Singapore. However, the network’s size is limited, thus users in more distant locations may experience slower speeds.

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SiteGround’s capabilities have been described at length, so it’s time to put them to the test in the real world. In the following section of this SiteGround review for WordPress, we will evaluate SiteGround’s performance using the speed testing tools Pingdom and K6.

Webpage speed tests Pingdom

We used Pingdom on our staging server six times for each of the six test locations. After averaging everything out, we found that:

  • Melbourne: 1.250 seconds
  • New York: 0.758 seconds
  • Stockholm: 1.905 seconds
  • London: 0.652
  • Virginia: 1.025
  • Frankfurt: 1.054

When compared to the percentage of visitors who give up waiting for a slow-loading page, these numbers look promising. SiteGround has handled the distance between its server in Amsterdam and the user in Melbourne admirably. It seems to reason that the further a server is from a user, the longer it will take for the page to load.

Webpage speed tests with K6

K6 formerly Load Impact is a tool that measures a site’s responsiveness by simulating the traffic of 27 visitors accessing the homepage at once for five minutes. The findings of this study were:

  • Load Location: Portland
  • Test Server: Portland
  • Minimum Response Time: 0.426 seconds
  • Maximum Response Time: 1.180 seconds

Our Pingdom tests were confirmed by the k6 results. SiteGround has done a great job overall, and loading times shouldn’t be an issue wherever you are in the world.

SiteGround Pricing

SiteGround has multiple pricing tiers like most other service providers:

  • StartUp ($3.99 per month): This plan is just what the name implies: it’s perfect for new enterprises and startups with one website that have less than 10,000 monthly visitors.
  • GrowBig ($6.69 per month): Wonderful for larger businesses that have many websites and receive up to 100,000 monthly visitors.
  • GoGeek ($10.69 per month): The most expensive SiteGround plan is designed for enterprises with websites that receive more than 400,000 monthly visitors.

SiteGround’s cheapest plans are competitive with those of their closest competitors. The cheapest managed WordPress hosting plan from Bluehost costs $2.95 per month, whereas the cheapest identical plan from GoDaddy begins at $2.99 per month.

SiteGround pros and cons

Let’s summarize our results after carefully examining the many facets of SiteGround’s services in this review.


  • Fantastic WordPress features
  • SSDs, CDNs, and PHP7 are current, reliable technology
  • There are a lot of ways to get support, and the personnel are quite competent
  • Both the page load time and the load testing results were satisfactory.
  • Competitive rates are offered for a reliable WordPress hosting service.


  • We thought SiteGround’s admin panel was unattractive and thought a revamp was necessary

SiteGround Conclusion

In general, SiteGround is a great example of a reliable WordPress hosting service. Packed with WordPress-centric features, responsive customer support, and affordable rates.

We suggest SiteGround to anyone looking for a reliable host that can deliver a lightning-fast website, in no small part because of its built-in SuperCaching technology.

It’s not just the two of us either. From our recent hosting poll, here are some user reviews of SiteGround:

Special Hosting Offer | $2.75/m

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