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Asura Web Hosting review

by | Oct 28, 2023

While Asura isn’t one of the most well-known web hosting (yet), that doesn’t make it weaker than the rest. In this Asura review, I’ll be looking closely at this web host to help you determine if they’re a good fit for you. 

For this review, I’ve focused on some essential characteristics of Asura: 

  • Web Hosting Plans 
  • User experience and custom cPanel dashboard 
  • Performance 
  • Reliability and customer support 
  • Website Builder 
  • Email Hosting 

And, before we go into the details of the Asura review, let me give you a brief summary of what Asura is. 

What is Asura Hosting? 

Asura is a web host that offers cheap yet reliable hosting packages. Because of this, Asura is a fantastic alternative not just for small businesses and individual users, but also for medium-sized and even enterprise-level organizations due to its reasonable plans for advanced choices like VPS hosting. 

Later on, in this Asura review, I’ll talk about their email hosting services. With this email hosting, you can set up an email address like [email protected]

Asura web hosting plans 

When I started working on this Asura review, the first thing I did was look at the actual plans. 

Asura provides cloud hosting for businesses with complex hosting requirements, in addition to WordPress hosting and standard web hosting options for small and medium-sized businesses.

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There are common features among all of these hosting models: 

  • Unlimited Free SSL 
  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • Enterprise LiteSpeed Web Server 
  • WordPress 1-click installation, pre-installed LiteSpeed Cache, auto-updates 
  • DDoS protection 
  • Email hosting (The amount of email addresses depends on your plan.) 
  • Security features like a firewall, and a malware scanner 
  • Cache manager 

I like that security features are prioritized, as many web providers don’t offer the same level of security or don’t display them upfront. 

All Asura plans use LiteSpeed Web Server. This provides great performance and scalability and lets WordPress sites use the free LiteSpeed Cache plugin. 

If you’re not already familiar with this plugin, you should know that it provides many additional tools for enhancing site speed in addition to caching individual pages. It’s free, and it can replace pricey plugins like WP Rocket and FlyingPress. 

Finally, I’d like to point out that email hosting is included in all pricing tiers. In comparison to other hosts, Asura is unique in that it includes email hosting in all of its plans rather than just the more expensive ones or as an optional add-on. 

Asura WordPress hosting 

To begin my Asura review, I will examine the company’s WordPress packages, as this is a WordPress site. 

All the WordPress capabilities are available on Asura’s WordPress hosting, and more: 

  • Optimizing WooCommerce for online store management 
  • Multisite WordPress Support 
  • WP-CLI for advanced WordPress site management 

With these resources, you can use WordPress to launch and run a wide range of businesses with as much (or as little) coding as you’re comfortable with. with addition, a WordPress staging tool is included with the more premium services. 

Pricing: Pricing for Asura plans begins at $1.00/mo. 

Asura Shared Hosting 

The standard security, email, and WordPress support that are included in all of Asura’s hosting services are great, but what really sets them apart are the included website builder tools: 

  • Smart Website Builder with 200+ templates 
  • Heatmaps simplify website building and marketing optimization 
  • Integrations with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel simplify audience creation. 

The wide range of tools and choices is what I like most about these plans. Build one site with WordPress and another with the website builder. You can also use WordPress to build all your sites or use the website builder to build them all. Plans with more features also come with e-commerce tools. 

Asura’s basic web hosting prices start at $1.00 per month, which is charged once a year. But you’ll need to pay an extra $2.79 a month if you want to make more than one website or have more than one email address.

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Asura VPS hosting 

VPS hosting plans are great for corporations of any size. You won’t have to worry about sharing servers with other sites because each plan includes at least one vCPU core and a unique IP address. This guarantees quick load times and increased safety for the site. 

Asura VPS plans are hosted on un-managed servers, thus keeping them secure and up-to-date is your responsibility if you go that route. Instead of managing your own server infrastructure, have someone else do it for you by switching to a cloud hosting package. 

Pricing: Monthly VPS hosting plans starting at $7.99

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Asura web performance 

Let’s move on to the performance aspect of our Asura web Hosting evaluation. 

We built our own server infrastructure from scratch and gathered data from all over the world to see how well Asura performed. 

Here is how our test site fared in various environments: 

  • East Coast, USA: 0.94 seconds 
  • West Coast, USA: 0.86 seconds 
  • UK: 0.43 seconds 
  • France: 1.75 seconds 
  • India: 0.88 seconds 
  • Australia: 1.88 seconds 

Overall, Asura provides excellent performance for the price, especially in our test regions of North America and Europe. 

Asura also provides Indian datacenters to improve performance in the Asia-Pacific region, which is where a lot of their customers are located. 

While Asura’s cheap web and WordPress hosting plans boast features like “unlimited bandwidth,” they place stricter constraints on CPU, Input/Output (I/O), RAM, and processes. 

If you exceed these quotas, you can “boost” your site’s performance for 24 hours once every month with Asura. If you have a one-time viral incident, this can help. 

If you find that you are consistently exceeding these quotas, it is recommended that you move up to a more expensive plan. 

Asura reliability and customer service 

Of course, loading times aren’t everything when it comes to evaluating a host’s dependability. Supporting your customers is another crucial factor. 

I contacted Asura with some inquiries, and I’m relieved to say that I received prompt responses. The responses were well-thought-out, comprehensive, and courteously presented. 

However, I don’t think you should take my word for it. I’ve used Trustpilot reviews to round up my assessment on Asura. 

The first review of Asura that we’ve chosen from Trustpilot was written by a user called Felix Ejenakevbe, who praised the platform’s abundance of helpful tutorials, lightning-fast customer service, and reliable site-building tools. 

trustpilot, trust pilot review

According to Asura user Bwanika Baker, the platform makes it simple to host many websites with a single package and switch over to Asura for email hosting. He also praises the helpfulness and efficiency of the support staff: 

Asura has excellent customer service, according to Zetlex DK. He further emphasizes that, unlike Squarespace and Wix, you are not locked into using Asura and that, unlike GoDaddy, there are no hidden costs for using any of the service’s advanced features. 

Asura review: Our final thoughts 

From the individual setting up a website as a pastime to the major corporation wishing to host dozens or even hundreds of websites, Asura has a package that will meet your needs. 

The company also provides excellent tools for creating your site, such as a wide range of WordPress tools and AI website construction solutions. 

The fact that Asura also offers email hosting is a major plus. Asura allows up to 100 email addresses on any plan, while other web providers either don’t offer them at all or only give an exceedingly small amount.  

Concisely, Asura gives you all the resources you need to set up shop on the web and start making money in a matter of minutes. And if you stay with Asura, you can expand your company without having to pay more or move web servers. 

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